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"I had a hard time believing that people found love online until I found it myself."- ThatsSoChelsea1985

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Ever since I came to the city, it seems that everybody's just moving way too fast to get to know anybody. I was too shy to talk to guys at bars, and the ones that came up to me were just big old pigs. I couldn't find a gentleman anywhere. Then a girlfriend of mine told me about this hookup site called HookupRUs. I didn't want to give it a try. Hookups online? That wasn't what I wanted! Until I gave it a shot, and boy was I surprised! You can really take your time, and find the perfect match for just what you want! I've been on five dates since I joined, and all of them were just the sweetest! I have another one tomorrow, and I just can't wait to meet him! - CountryGrrl
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I would have never believed that you could find your dream guy online. My sisters and my girlfriends had all met their guys in person, and I thought it was hopeless for me. But then I tried HookupRUs. I met Todd on my very first hookups date, and we've been together ever since! It's obvious that this website filters out all the duds, and leaves nothing but great guys! - JaneNFinch
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I love hittin up the clubs, but it sucks to have to go solo. I'm lookin for a party girl that can keep up with me all night. If you wanna hookup for a fun time, holla at me! - NY4Lyfe

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It's so hard to meet great guys online. Every dating site I've tried, it just seems like guys are looking for one thing. I thought it was hopeless until I found! Everyone seems so fun and friendly, and they're looking for exactly the same things that I am, to date and hook up! I've had so many fun nights since I've joined, and I can't stop telling my girlfriends about it! I know that they've all signed up, too, and we can't wait to plan a group night out! HookupRUs is the best hookup dating site! - DiorGurl90btn
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Meeting girls was just getting way too hard. Between the gym and hockey practice it's like I've got no free time. I used to go to clubs, but kept getting the brush off, and it costs way too much to take them out. One of my bros told me about this awesome hookup site, and I totally didn't buy it. Then I finally gave HookupRUs a try, and oh my god! Everything changed! They have exactly what I'm looking for, and I can meet exactly the kind of girl I want. No more expensive dates. No more rejection in clubs. All hookups all the time! It's awesome! - BryGuy69btn
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I've met so many girls, and had so many bad dates, that I'd just given up. I started to think there was no one out there for me. Until I found HookupRUs. You never know where you're going to meet the right person for you, and I totally didn't expect to find them on a hookup dating site. But then I met Christine, and everything changed. HookupRUs made it so easy to find the exact right girl. - LanceManbtn
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I'm looking for a nice guy with a bit of a wild side. Someone that knows how to wine and dine a girl but isn't afraid of one who's a little take charge. I have so much trouble meeting guys that aren't afraid of a little fun but that also don't forget to pull my chair out a restaurant. A girlfriend of mine said to try out this site so here we go. If you think you can keep up with me on a nice night out message me asap. - WickedAngelbtn

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I'm the quite type. If I had my way, my perfect date would be a night in, a bottle of wine, and movie. Maybe have a few friends around but nothing too big. I know there are girls out there that like that kind of thing but I just can't seem to meet them in person. Between school and work I'm so swamped I couldn't go out even if I wanted to. I hope that joining HookupRUs will help me meet the girl of my dreams.


I love to travel, It's been a serious hobby of mine since I was a little girl. The only problem with never being in one place is that it's impossible to really meet someone. After trying a bunch of other sites (all junk by the way) I joined HookupRUs and after two dates I met Justin. It was so easy, he loves to travel just as much as I do and we've been on the go ever since and totally inseperable. THANK YOU THANK YOU HookupRUs, you made our dreams come true.


I'm the type of girl that is always up for a good time. Rain or shine I'm in the lines for the clubs and I can't get enough. If I'm not dancing with a drink in my hand then I'm at home getting ready to go out. Me and my girlfriends try and meet guys but they can never keep up with us. I don't get it. I know we are worth the wait. Message me if you love music, staying out all night, and getting sweaty, and maybe we can watch a sunrise or two.

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