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Bill and I met while we were in other relationships. In both couples, we were members of HookupRUs. In both cases, our partners wanted to try hooking up with other couples. We didn�t expect we�d fall for each other. But now, we�re looking for another couple to keep the fire alive. Shoot us a message if you want to hook up! - LadyBelleBlue
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I got to arrange Matt�s bachelor party. I joined HookupRUs and set us up with a smoking hot couple that really wanted to have a casual hookup. It was the best wedding present I could have given him! He still talks about it two years later! - MoreToLuv23
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I met Darlene at a hog convention where I was showing my Harley, and she just couldn�t get enough! She was insatiable! So I thought I�d suggest HookupRUs to see what else she�d go for, and the limits did not exist! We�ve had some awesome swinger sex with other couples, and it�s been the wildest ride of my life! - HarleyDad72

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Most adult dating sites are geared towards singles around the globe. It's hard enough to hookup with locals in your area - add to the mix the desire to mingle with a twosome, and you've doubled your trouble. Why should that be a problem? At HookupRUs, we make sure it never has to be! Hook up with local singles, men and women whenever you want - this is a fun, safe, and exciting time to be an adventurous couple looking to expand their horizons. Who knows better how to satisfy one couple than another? Find the perfect casual sex hookup in your area now!

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We signed up for HookupRUs on a whim, and wound up finding some really wonderful couples to have some fun with! It�s been incredibly eye opening, and we�re so happy we gave it a try! - JackNDianne
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John met me on HookupRUs a while back. We met at a cougar bar, and he thought he was getting a cougar hookup. After a few years together, we thought we�d go back and see if we could get something going with some couples. If you�re interested, give us a shout! - BarBabe4Life
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We�d always joked about trying a threesome, but never thought we�d do anything about it. Then we joined HookupRUs and started seeing that you could actually try hooking up with other couples. A Foursome? Why not! Go big or go home! We�ve got our first one set up for next week, and we just can�t wait! - gofrthepin
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We just joined HookupRUs, and had our first sexual hookup with another couple the other day. Our minds are blown! We never knew we could love something so different so much! - Avatar192

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My girlfriend and I have been together for a while now and I had been keeping a secret from her. I finally broke and told her that I would love to hook up with another couple in the bedroom. To my surprise she not only loved the idea but had already been looking into it as a surprise for me. Best Girlfriend EVER!!!


My girlfriend is a lot older than me and is always showing me new things. But I never expected that she would bring home another couple for us to experiment with. I was nervous at first but knowing that she found them on HookupRUs made me feel a lot better. I can�t wait to use the site again and keep exploring our fantasies.


I have always had an open mind when it came to the bedroom and when I met Jeff I was so happy to find someone who was into the same things I was. We are always looking for new things to try and after signing up for HookupRUs we found our way into the couples section. We decided to take the leap and have had so many amazing sexual hookups since.