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I�m tired of gay bars that are just too loud and filled with the same old lame guys. I wanted find a great group of fun, sexy guys that wouldn�t be afraid to try new things and have the kind of fun I want to have, when I want to have it. Long nights on the beach or a camping trip deep in the woods. So many hot guys have messaged me since I signed up for this site. I can barely keep track of them all. No more bars for me! - Brighteyes
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As a professional dancer, I never have trouble meeting guys, but they always seem to be the same meatheads that don�t know how to treat me. They think once I hit the stage for a drag show that I�m just an object and I�m not. Not saying that isn�t fun from time to time though. I�m hoping to meet a guy that wants me for me and not just when I�m on stage. I�ve looked through a lot of HookupRUs profiles and I like what I see so far. I didn�t know there were so many sexy guys right in my building. - AllthewayJane
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I want crazy fun all the time. I�m not one to hold back and I need a guy/guys that can keep up with me when I really go off. I�m up for anything and everything and I hope that you are too. Only hot and fit guys please. I know you're there! Message me right now and I�ll show you just how crazy I can get. - DarkKnight69

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I just wanted to meet a nice guy. I always end up meeting jerks whenever I sign up for an online dating site. It all just seems so rushed that you never get to know anyone. I couldn�t understand where all the good guys were. Was I the only one? I signed up for HookupRUs on a dare and to my surprise, I loved it! So many great guys that all want the same thing that I do. No more jerks and no more lonely nights. Best website ever. - Footyball13
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I�ve just started living out loud and didn�t really know how to meet guys. I was scared to just approach people. I didn�t want to make anyone uncomfortable. The last thing I wanted was an awkward rejection that would be crushing. This is my first gay dating site and I�m hoping to meet some great guys that can introduce me to the gay scene and help me discover this new part of my life. Message me if you're interested and gentle. - Justout36
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Every night out should be the perfect one. I love hitting up a club or a show and wanted to find a great guy to have fun with. I�ve tried too many sites to count and they are all junk. Most of them were either computers or girls messaging me. Sorry ladies but you don�t have what I want. HookupRUs has been a gift since I�ve joined. So many hot guys that know how to have fun. - Boysdream
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I love to be wined and dined. I need a guy that can show me a perfect night out. Drinks, dancing and a show are amazing. Who could ask for anything more? I love to be treated like a prince! Don�t be afraid to pull my chair out for me or take my coat. If you know how to be a proper gentleman, then I promise I�ll make it worth your time. I know just how to treat my prince charming. - TooCute28

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I�m a divorced father of 2 and I love the outdoors. I always enjoy getting to see my kids but I also need time for myself. I�ve been out of the closet for about ten years and have met a few great guys but I�m not looking for anything permanent. I just want to enjoy my life and have as much fun as I can. I know there are a lot of great, outdoor loving gay men out there and if you're reading this please message me. You�ll be glad you did.


I love to party and dance but at the same time there isn�t anything wrong with a man who knows how to wine and dine. A bottle of grey goose or a bottle of wine - I�ll always know which one to pop when you�re around. Hit me up, and I promise it�ll be a good time. Just make sure you�re ready for what Lebron has to show you.


I had the hardest time meeting nice guys. The gay guys that I have meet have always seemed so rough and forward that I was never comfortable. And between school and my job I never have time to try and weed through the duds or the never -ending applications of dating sites. Then I found HoopupRUs and everything changed. So many nice guys have messaged and I have had so many perfect nights out. I can�t thank you enough.