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Soccer is my life and I wanted to meet a woman who shares the same passion. I�ve been on a lot of dates but they always end the same way. If she doesn�t like soccer then dinner is over. A teammate of mine recommended this website and thought I had nothing to lose. I didn�t know there were so many girls in my neighborhood that loved soccer as much as I do. I�ve had a date every night of the week for the last 2 months! - WorldCup#1
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After I got out of the service I knew that I wanted to meet a girl and settle down. I got set up on so many blind dates that I was starting to turn into a joke. Online dating seemed the only way to go and the one site everyone kept raving about was HookupRUs. I signed up and the first message I got was from a girl that goes to my neighborhood gym. Small world isn't it? Got a feeling this is a just the beginning. - MarinetoCore
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I�m looking for a club girl. Short skirt and long legs that now how to move. I�m a DJ so I know all the club owners in town, your days of waiting in line will be over. Me and my boys are out every night tearing it up so if you want to roll with us then shoot me a message. You�ll be glad you did. - Detroit1

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I want a guy that knows how to treat a lady. I've heard that chivalry isn't dead but I just can't seem to find it anywhere - until signing up with HookupRUs! I love to go out for nice meals and exchange racy stories over candlelight to build the mood before I jump into bed. All the messages that I've received since I joined have been really positive and the guys seem really sweet and sexy. - SuzieQ
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I don�t have time for boys that are just talking foolishness. I need to meet a guy who is going to want me for me, not just running around with his crew and trying to act hard. I�m not afraid to get a little wild sometimes and when I do you better watch out. I just want a casual, sexual hookup, but when you're there, you had better be on point! If you think you can give me what I�m after then message me, I�d love to meet up and maybe get a little wild with you. - Honey63
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I know what you're thinking. I�ve heard it all, but it is true. I am the girl next door and that blonde hair is all natural. I love to spend time on the water or relaxing on a dock. Who doesn�t love a cottage? Since I�ve joined HookupRUs I�ve met so many great guys that I don�t think my bathingsuit has had a chance to dry I�m in it so much. I was skeptical at first, but this has been the best decision I have ever made. If you're thinking of signing up, don't think - just do it! - Gurlnxtdoor
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What to say about me??? This is so hard hahaha. Ummm I love to be outside, I have a huge forest behind my house and I�m always there. I find it so peaceful to be out in nature, but I�m looking for someone to join me. I tried a few other dating sites and they were just full of jerks. My sister met her boyfriend on HookupRUs so I�m here to try my luck! - EcoChick21

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I�m always ready to go, whenever where ever and I hate having to wait around to find the right guy to come with me. I�m not the kind of girl that is afraid to speak her mind. I spend a lot of time taking care of my body and after all the work, I need to get out and have someone take care of me for a change. That's why I love HookupRUs! HookupRUs does all the work for me to make sure that I have a guy when I want as soon as I want him.


I didn�t want to believe all my girlfriends when they said that HookupRUs was working for them. I can still meet great guys in person, or so I thought. But then I saw all the hot guys that they were bringing around and I couldn�t wait to hit up the site and sign up. I signed up that night and had my first one night stand the next night! It was amazing! It's so liberating! I've got two more next week, and I've never felt more in control!


I want to meet girls that have a little bit of country in them. Ones that aren't afraid to jump in the truck and head out into the fields for a day of mud bogging and maybe a bit of mud wrestling and not complain about dirty hair. That's how you know you're having fun. I'm not much for fancy dinners or clubs but I love to fish and then finish the day with a beer around the campfire. Can't think of a better way to spend the day. I'm not that interested in a relationship, either. But if you're interested in a weekend hookup out in the bush, shoot me a message and let's see if we can't get this out back hookup started!