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I�m just looking for a good time. No strings attached. No obligations. I never bought into the whole online dating thing. Thought it was bogus. But going to bars gets expensive, and it takes up so much time! So I thought I�d try to find some lesbian hookups online and stumbled onto HookupRUs. It�s perfect. I get what I want, when I want it, and exactly how I need it. - Cry$talCa$$ie
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I�m the type of girl that just has to try everything! I�m so into clubbing, and dancing, and just want a real woman who knows how to party with me! Someone who can keep up! I�m a huge Lindsay Lohan fan � everyone says I look like her! � so, naturally, I love to party! An ex of mine I still see sometimes � uh oh! � told me about this site. She said it was the perfect place to just let go and find some stellar lesbian hookups. So I gave it a go and oh my god! It�s perfect! Seriously! You should join! It�s made my party nights the absolute best EVER! - LiLoLover86
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I�m just looking for a girl who knows how to treat a lady. I don�t want anything too serious, but I�m not looking for cheap one night stands, either. I guess, maybe I�m looking for the right person. For the meantime, I�ll settle for being wined and dined! If you think you can please me, drop me a line! - SweetSammie

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Hookups should be easy and straightforward. You shouldn't have to deal with a bunch of red tape just to have a fun night out. Why can't there be one adult dating site that makes the process simple? Here at HookupRUs we've done just that. We've created a safe and fun environment that makes lesbian dating as easy as 1, 2, 3! You've read our steps, and it really is that simple! Hot local singles don't want to spend their free time filling out forms and questionnaires, or even hoping to bump into the perfect person on the street. They want to spend their time having great hookups with fun people. Here, you can find the lesbian hookup you've been dying for without the hassle of leaving you rsexual hookups to chance!

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I wasn�t sure what I wanted for the longest time. I couldn�t find guys that fulfilled me, but I wasn�t ready to admit I was a lesbian. Then a girlfriend of mine suggested I try HookupRUs � no obligations, and I could test the waters in a comfortable environment. I�m so happy I did! I feel so at home now, and I really feel like I�ve discovered myself! - SweetSoul92
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Finding a date is hard, and I was so exhausted with wasting my time at lesbian bars and clubs. I�d get hit on my people I wasn�t interested in, and be bored by the little babies that thought they could handle me. So I took matters into my own hands, and joined HookupRUs. I regained so much control over my sex hookups, and I�m back in the game like never before! I�m having the time of my life, and don�t have to worry about turning anyone away, or refusing advances � I call the shots. It�s amazing! - BlondieBaby
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I had totally given up on satisfying lesbian hookups in my area. There�s no one around me, and I hate clubs, so I never met anyone. Thanks to HookupRUs, I�m meeting women every week who live close by that I never knew existed! No more lonely hookups, waiting at the back of the bar, too shy to talk to anyone, having a miserable time. I take matters into my own hands now! And it�s great! - DarlinDarla9
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I love having a good time, with friends and lovers! I�m always looking for someone new to share things with, and HookupRUs helped me explore that side of myself! Now, I wanna hook up with any ladies that are willing and ready! Why not?! I�m young and it�s time to start living it up! This site feels so safe that I have no problem being myself, and I can decide what I want at the drop of a hat! It�s so convenient! - SuzieQT23

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Thousands of lesbian dating sites saturate the internet today, all promising the same thing - that it'll be simple and easy, and you'll be on your way to a fun, safe hookup. That's hardly the case. We receive countless emails every day complaining about the lack of functional hookup sites online. You start to wonder, is this safe? Who am I really talking to? Is she really a lesbian? Or just a computer program telling me what I want to hear? At HookupRUs, we've heard everything, and we've revolutionized the online dating process for a new generation of lesbians looking to hook up. Gone are all the pesky questions and endless forms, and what's left is a super simple, three step process to help you find the best lesbian hookups in your area tonight.

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It�s hard finding girls my age that I�m interested in. Sometimes, they just feel like kids. I need a woman who�s more mature, ready to do what needs to be done, and is totally more experienced. I need a woman who�s lived a little! No one takes a chance on a 20 year old anymore, so I had to try looking online. HookupRUs was such a lifesaver. I�m having the time of my life going on all these amazing casual hookups! And I�m learning a ton too!


I�ve only been openly out for a few months, so exploring my sexuality is still really new. What�s worse is I live at home, and my parents would kill me if they found out! So I have to try and explore things on my own terms. I�m looking for discreet hookups so I can continue to learn and grow without putting myself in an uncomfortable position. I�ve heard great things about HookupRUs, so I�m hoping for the best! Send me a message if you�re interested! I�m always looking to meet new people!


I�m in a relationship, but he isn�t giving me what I want. I�m looking to experiment a little. So, ideally I�d like some super discreet hookups. I heard HookupRUs was great for that, so I thought I�d give it a shot.