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I�ve been into Tantra for a few years now, and it�s amazing. But most men my age I meet just can�t handle it. I joined HookupRUs looking for more mature men who could take what I have to offer, and started finding myself intrigued by the couples. Three casual hookups later, and I don�t see myself slowing down. Neither do they! - LillyLane09
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I had this one night stand in College, and it really shook me up. It was with a girl in my dorm, and I really didn�t know what to do. I thought I liked guys. So I decided to go to HookupRUs to find people who could help me figure out what I wanted. A few bisexual threesome hookups later, and I think I�ve got it figured out. More fun for me! - GothGirl88
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I�m really into Latin Jazz and all kinds of Latino music, but I could never find anyone to go dancing with me. I went to HookupRUs to find some cute guys to go out with, and in my searches I started getting intrigued by the couples. I�ve had a few threesome hookups, and now I have two dancing partners! It�s amazing! - JLoLove33

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So many adult dating sites seem to cater to nothing but lonely hookups. You want fun, exciting, and open-minded people who aren't afraid to have a good time. You know what they want, they know what you want - isn't it about time you got together and showed each other? Recent surveys have shown a surge in couples searching for fun, sexy women to complete the perfect mホnage a trois! Be that woman tonight! Be the outgoing, adventurous type that you know you are deep inside! HookupRUs will help you branch out and meet the ideal couple, effortlessly allowing you to fulfill your fantasies, while making those of local couples come true as well! Don't hesitate!

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I was new in town, and didn�t know anybody, so I went online looking to meet sexy men. I met this one guy who wanted to hook up, but he didn�t tell me he was bringing his girlfriend! I was stunned! I left that site, and went to HookupRUs instead, and found that people were more honest about what they wanted. I�ve had some excellent hookups with men and women, and have loved my casual hookups with couples. It helps when you know what you�re going into! - PrettyPippy
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I�m a school teacher by profession. I teach really little kids, grades 2 and 3, so a lot of people poke fun at me for being the diligent little dogooder. It drives me nuts. I was out with some girlfriends complaining, and they suggested I try HookupRUs to shake things up. I signed up, and went straight for the couples. I�d never had a threesome, so I thought what better way to broaden my horizons? They�ve been the best sexual hookups of my life! - MissAdrienne27
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I kept hooking up with these guys that just weren�t satisfying me. So I joined HookupRUs to look for something different. A few sexual hookups later, and I�m hooked on couples! So don�t be shy � give me a shout if you�re looking for the perfect addition to your fantasy! - Evangeline22
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I�ve had some amazing threesomes in my late teens and early twenties, but now that I�m entering my thirties, it doesn�t seem people are as keen on the idea. So I joined HookupRUs, and I�ve been having the greatest time of my life! I don�t have to worry about finding the perfect partners � the site has done all the work for me. So all I have to do is enjoy! - TreeHugger69

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With the world moving so fast, it's hard to stop for a minute and find exactly what makes us happy. Especially if what you're after is a little bit more adventurous to what most are accustomed to. HookupRUs has a mobile site that makes it incredibly easy for fun, sexy women like you to find the perfect couple that you know you want. Find local hookups in your area for the perfect threesome you crave. No matter where you are or what you're doing, we give you access to dozens of local couples that are looking for women just like you. Don't hesitate, and join today! Start the adventure you've been dying to live!

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I joined HookupRUs to have fun one night stands. I have all the casual hookups I want, and none of the hassle of trying to pick someone up. It�s so easy, and I�m thrilled with what they offer. It�s exactly what I need!


Couples are my favourite! You get everything you want, with none of the attachment. It�s perfect! HookupRUs lets me express myself the way I feel sexiest! I have all the threesome hookups I can get! So if you�re looking for a cougar hookup, don�t be shy! Hit me up for some fun!


Christmas is my absolute favourite! I�ve been looking for someone who loves it just as much as me! I took to HookupRUs for kicks, and found this couple who had their own Mr. and Mrs. Clause kinky thing going on. They let me join, and it was the best hookup of my life!